Monday, September 13, 2010

AnaMda AnaMda matte paramAnaMda---------Vijayadasaru

"vijayarAyara pAda nijavAgi naMbalu ajana pita tAne olivA"

"The father of Brahma will automatically bestow grace on one who trusts in
the feet of VijayarAya completely and absolutely."

This is what Mohanadasaru, the spiritual son of Vijayadasaru has to say. Mohanadasaru was cured of dire diseases during his infancy and was brought up by Vijayadasaru with the milk that was used to do abhisheka to the Lord, with the teertha and prasada that was offered to the Lord.

Here give below is the Dasarapada of Vijayadasaru:

AnaMda AnaMda matte paramAnaMda
AnaMdana kaMda Oliye EnaMdadde vedavriMda

Once the jiva becomes aware of the Lord supremacy and control, he/she experiences bliss and more bliss. Then later he/she experiences the maximum bliss that can be experienced by himself/herself. This is the state of moksha which is been explained in Vedas.

A modalu shakaraMtha A mahA varNagalella
swAmiyAda vishnuvina nAmaveMdu aritavarige ----1

The entire aksharas which are eternal and are the origin of all knowledge are the names of Lord Vishnu. The entire range of sounds including all vowels, consonants and their deergas and rasvas are all the names of the Lord. Every name, every sound is the name of the Lord.

jala kAshTa shaila gaganana nela pAvaka vayutaru
plala pushpa balligaLalli hari vyAptaneMaritavarige ----2

The pancha maha bhootas which are the basic components of all jada objects on earth. The water,the forest, the mountain, the clouds, the earth, the fire, the wind, fruits, flowers, creepers and everything one sees points to the vividness of the Lord's creation and going deeper the great benevolence of the Lord in creating such a variety,not for Himself as He is swaramaNa and is completely blissful by Himself.

tAro bAro bEro sAro mAro harO Ero hOro
sero yaro toro embudu preraraNe yeMdaritavarige ----3

A person comes, a person brings something, a person is heaped with responsibility, a person climbs to the top of one's career, one's business, or reaches spiritual heights etc, one gives a lot of gifts to another, one person shows something to another. All these occur only because the Lord instigated these actions and placed the persons who gave, as well as the persons who take, the place where the give and take takes place, the time where it takes place etc. The same is true for going to places. Every thing falls into place like the jigsaw puzzle because the Lord's will controls everything and His will is omnipresent and omnipotent. If one recognizes this then there is nothing but pure bliss for the soul. Why?

pOpudu barutippudu matte kOpashAMta mADuvudu
roopalAvaMyavu hariya vyAparaveMdaritavarige ----4

Going and coming means moving about to different places is all Hari's vyApAra. Based on the prarabdha karma, yogyatha etc the Lord decides who should be where at what time and places them accordingly. If we observe our present position , it is the result of many many choices that were taken right through childhood. These choices if they had not been directed and controlled then the outcome would not be as the
Lord wants it to be. So He definitely decides on each and every choice and moves the jivas accordingly.

madhva shAstra pravachana muddu krishnana darshuna
shuddha vijayaviTTalana poMdi koMDaDuvarige ----5

"Bliss, bliss and more bliss is sure to be bestowed on one who listens and understands to the exposition of the philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya ..They finally see Lord Krishna and continue to serve the Lord Vijayavittala with great bhakthi and devotion even in moksha, knowing Him to be the purest of the pure." The word muddu shows the extent of vatsalya of Vijayadasaru for this form of the Lord. Krishna
....the name initiates a chain of thoughts of the bala leelas of the Lord as described in the Bhagavatam and inspires the devotee to feel vatsalya bhava of devotion.

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