Friday, October 15, 2010

Na Ninna Dhyanadoliralu Mikka - Purandaradasaru

nA ninna dhyAna doLiralu mikka
hIna mAnavarEnu mADa ballarO ranga |p|

Meaning :

O Lord, when I am meditating on you, those people (who envy him and try to hurt his feelings) cannot ever do any harm to me

maccarisuvarella kUDi mADuvudEnu
accyuta ninadondu dayeyiralu
vAtslya biDadiru ninna nambide dEva
kiccige iruve muttuvude kELalO ranga |1|

Meaning :

People who envy on me, cannot do anything to me, if your blessings in there on me Please continue to show me care O Lord, then, these people cannot dare touch me, like ants cannot touch fire.

dhALili kudure vaiyAradi kuNiyalu
dhULu raviya mEle musukuvude
tALidavarige virudhdha lOkadoLuNTe
gALige giriyu allADa ballude ranga |2|

Meaning :

If a horse in a battle dances in fancy then does the dust cover the sun? Is there anything against patient people and can wind blow up a hill?

kannaDiyOLagina gaNTu kaNDu kaLLa
kannavikkavana vashvahude
ninna nambalu muddu purandara viTala
cinnakke puTaviTTante ahudu ranga |3|

Meaning :

Can a thief burgle the treasure seen in the mirror? It is just like made gold shine better, that I keep faith in you, O purandara viTala (You are like Gold, my faith is like made Gold shine)


  1. A very meaningful and purposive song of Purandara Dasa.He asserts the invincibility of the true devotee by any external forces of discomfort when the Lord's Grace is on the devotee.
    I have been hearing the song with the word 'sadaa' in place of 'mikka' used in this post. The word 'dhyaanadOL' perhaps would have better meaning as 'in' the meditation in the place of 'on', as it would convey the immersion of the devotee.

  2. Yes I agree with the comment. There are different versions with minor variations. For example, the one sung by Bhimsen Joshi is:

    Naa ninna dhyAnadoLu iralu sada
    mikka mAnavarEnu mADuvaro O bhala!

    This makes very good sense. Purandaradasa is not denegrading them as Heena, but only says "mikka" i.e other. Overall the deep sense of his total faith in the LORD shines through. For anyone who has gone through difficult times in life and how difficulties suddenly vanish like a miracle, this is become a living truth. That includes Bhimsen Joshi himself. Once the Lord graces, every other human has no power to stop that individual. The LORD carries them through.

  3. I want Kannada lyrics.. not English please keep a Kannada version also